5 Reasons the Church Should Sing

Here's 5 reasons why the gift of music in the pastors people is unlike the other good gifts God has given us. 

  1. The gift of melody takes mere words to places that words can’t always go…Music helps simple words penetrate the heart and move the human soul. Song helps people say what they wish they could say to God on their own, but can’t find the words.
  2. Music helps us engage all that God has called us to when worshiping Him—love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength—Music is one of the only vehicles that can stir up our body, soul, and spirit in the kind of worship God desires. 
  3. The songs of our faith are the best carriers of theology in the church. From old, to modern, to brand new, what the church is singing, should be what the church believes about God. And when these songs get on our hearts and in our mouths, we carry a theology of God wherever we go. 
  4. There are over 400 references to singing in the Bible, many of which are commands to God’s people. The use of music in the pastors people is really an act of obedience to God and His Word.
  5. While the art of music moves the human heart, it also moves the heart of God. Zephaniah tells us that God will SING LOUDLY over his people’s homecoming! Why would He sing?! Because it best expresses everything that he feels towards the redemption of His beloved. And God moves when His people vertically ascribe worth to Him in Song. God moves when the truth we receive stokes our spirits to respond…songs help us worship in spirit and truth, and such worship he is looking for.